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Argan Oil

Since you are visiting this site, you surely know about this astonishing new product for hair, skin and nail care that has won such a large number of followers very quickly.

What is Argan Oil?Argan Fruit

Argan Oil is surely a glorious blessing by nature.  It is made from the seeds of the Moroccan Argan tree. Often called Moroccan Liquid Gold, or Moroccan Argan Oil, the name is quite fitting since the Argan tree only grows in this Northern African country of Morocco.

Why should I use Argan oil?

With cosmetics becoming progressively packed with substances created in a lab based on unnatural, components, our bodies are increasingly exposed to ingredients that are harmful to our well-being and our health.  And as the negative press about these unnatural ingredients reaches a broader audience, more and more people are looking for natural alternatives for their beauty care.

What is so bad about mainstream cosmetics?

Sulfates, the most well-known being sodium lauryl sulfate (SlS), were originally used as detergents and eventually made it into the cosmetics industry.  Sulfates are aggressive and quite harmful to your skin and hair: they deplete their moisture levels and compromise the natural defense abilities against pollutants and UV rays.

Most commercial cosmetics contain Parabens which are used to extend the shelf life of the cosmetic, so it is basically a preservative.  However, Parabens have been shown to be linked to cancer, neurotoxicity and have proven to be cause for skin irritations.
Alcohol is added to increase the absorption, though inadvertently cause skin dryness and irritation.  Some research has shown that alcohol actually cause the break-down of skin cells.

Lastly, though many people enjoy the variety of fragrances and aromas in cosmetics, they are actually quite harmful to our health: studies have shown that fragrances are allergens and could even cause asthma attacks and other allergic reactions.

Do we not have any other, more natural choices?

Argan NutsYes, we do.
Argan oil is an all-natural moisturizer quite effective for skin, hair and nail care.  And even if you don’t deal with allergies or dried out skin, the benefits of Argan oil are plentiful:

•    moisturizes skin and hair and also help the skin to retain its natural balance of hydration
•    aids with Acne by reducing the severity of breakouts
•    supports the healing of scars, psoriasis and stretch marks
•    support cell growth for healthy skin and hair growth
•    provides nourishment to your hair for a healthier flow and look
•    helps with split ends and makes the hair look smooth
•    helps with dandruff thanks to its anti-microbial qualities
•    helps grow stronger nails and gets rid of white streaks and brittleness.

What makes Argan Oil so beneficial?

Argan oil contains significant levels essential fatty acids and anti-oxidants, both of which are very important to nourish the skin, support its balance of hydration, and maintain a healthy complexion.  These same components likewise can do miracles to dry, unmanageable, frizzy hair and even help with spit ends.

Furthermore, Argan oil has microbial qualities that can assist with acne, psoriasis, and dandruff, which is essentially a fungal condition of the scalp.

What Argan Oil should you buy?

We can recommend Kandala Argan Oil which is one of the premium quality products on the market.  It is 100% organic, natural, pure virgin Argan oil without any preservatives, sulfates, alcohol and fragrances.

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